1. How long does it take to fly?

It depends on how fast you can learn the required skills. How fast you learn depends on how you apply yourself and how frequently you fly. A private pilot course can be completed in as little as 60 days. The average is 6 months if you fly once or twice a week and the weather is suitable.

2. How many hours of flying time are required?

The FAA regulations require 40 hours minimum of flying time. That’s 20 with an instructor (Dual) and 20 by yourself (Solo). The average time required is between 50 and 75 hours.

3. How much will it cost?

The average cost is between $3000 and $3450. The minimum cost could be $2600.

4. How do I pay for it?

You can pay as you go with cash, approved credit card or check. If you want the convenience of an open account, you must establish and maintain a credit balance in the account and fly against that credit balance.

5. How long before I solo?

That depends on your learning rate and the frequency of flying. The average is from 10 to 20 dual hours.

6. How long does each lesson last?

With the exception of cross country flights, the average lesson is about an hour and fifteen minutes long. The length may vary depending on the task to be learned and how long it takes you to learn it.

7. How often should I fly?

To get the most for your time, effort and money, you should fly at least three times in a two week period. Better yet plan on flying 2 or 3 times each week.

8. What about ground school and preparation for the written test?

We offer ground school at Flight Line Aviation and your instructor will provide one-on-one instruction . Even with that, you have the primary responsibility through self study, taped instruction and personal commitment.

9. Is there a final exam? Where do I take it?

The FAA written exam is required. It contains 60 questions covering all subjects required for a private pilot certificate. Seventy (70) is passing. After you pass your written exam, you must take an oral and flight test with a flight examiner. The written test is taken at Mercury Aviation located at Hampton Roads Airport in Chesapeake, VA. The oral and flight test are given by a flight examiner in Manteo, N.C. The written test will cost a minimum of $80.00.

10. Is there a maximum or minimum age for getting a pilot’s license?

Yes. You must be 16 years old to solo, 17 years old to receive a private pilot certificate. There is no minimum age for dual flight. There is no maximum age.

11. What about medical requirements?

You must be able to get a 3rd class medical/student pilot certificate issued by an FAA medical examiner before you solo. The medical examiners are: Dr. Al Heyder 252.331.1506 (Elizabeth City), Dr.Thomas Royer 757.853.5160 (Norfolk), Dr. Carlson 757.455.5130 (Norfolk), Dr. Charles Davidson 252.441.2144 (Outer Banks) or Dr. Henry Liverman 252.925.3271(Englehard).

12. Can I take my friends for a ride before I get my pilot certificate?

No. Carrying passengers is a privilege that comes only when you earn the private pilot certificate.

13. Can I rent an airplane after I get my license?

Yes. If you rent an airplane from us , a checkout is required only if the airplane is one you have not flown before, if you want to rent at another airport, you must have your pilot certificate, medical and logbook. In addition, you will probably have to take a short check ride.

14. What days of the week can I fly?

We are open 7 days a week. All your flight lessons are scheduled in advance.

15. Do I have to begin ground school to fly?

No. It certainly helps to have at least some ground school before flight, but it is not required.

16. When can I start? RIGHT NOW!!!! HAPPY FLYING! Phone 252-338-5347